Justin Mohr


Hello! I am a 5th year Finance PhD Student at the Univeristy of Illinois. I will be on the job market next year. My CV is linked here.

Working Papers:

Pulling the the Plug: Retail Traders and Social Media:



Using days on which social media platform connectivity is exogenously interrupted, I measure the impact of social media on retail trading activity. On these ”outage” days there is an increase in retail trading volume of social-media discussed stocks. Retail sentiment, while normally positively predicting retail OIB, on outage days negatively predicts retail OIB. This is driven mostly by positive sentiment predicting selling. These outage days are associated with a drop in price which reverses over the next day. To explain the empirical findings, I extend Pedersen (2022) to include disruptions to social networks, showing that these findings are consistent with fanatical and rational beliefs spreading to na ̈ıve investors in a social network. These findings highlight the important role of social media in retail trader’s belief formation and the market consequences of this importance.

Works in Progress:

House of Stolen Cards: Credit Outcomes after Lost/Stolen Credit Cards

with Divij Kohli

Useful Projects


Often times I find myself waiting on large Stata do files to run. In Python, I like to check the status of my code using a Telegram bot. It allows me to know imediately if a long running script has finsihed or hit an unexpected error. Stata does not easily have this fuctionality.

I wrote this program for Stata. It is easily called in your do file. It can send any string message and small files to your Telegram. You will need to make a bot and supply the API token from Telegram

To download

net install moopmsg, from("https://raw.githubusercontent.com/justin-mohr/moopmsg/main")

For more details on about moopmsg and its syntax

help moopmsg

I have found it quite helpful and hope you will as well! (Please email me if you encounter any issues)

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